Research Focus

My primary research interest revolves around the delivery of negative news in a workplace setting, such as layoffs, denied promotions, or negative performance evaluations. I am investigating how the communication of bad news influences the behaviors, thoughts, and emotions of individuals, as well as its effects on workplace relationships. To study this, I employ various methodological approaches, including (natural) experiments and extensive data collection and analysis techniques such as web scraping and natural language processing (e.g., sentiment analysis and topic modeling). I have a particular focus on exploring how positive outcomes can be encouraged following negative experiences, how individuals cope with these challenging events, and how to identify and mitigate negative workplace encounters, such as threats to one's identity or legitimacy. In other lines of research, I am 1) interested in how information overload during uncertain times (i.e., infodemic) impacts workplaces and their memebers, how 2) self regulation impacts leadership effectiveness, 3) how a combination of individual- and context-related variables promote resilience in leaders while I 4) aim to promote the application of applied quantitative research methods in management by providing best-practice recommendations to improve research designs (i.e., causality in mediation analyses) and data collection (i.e., equal-distance in scale anchors).

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